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An Opioid Addiction Solution


Find Professionals to Effectively Treat the Cause of Pain Not Mask the Symptom

“Would you put the fire out or unplug that annoying Smoke Detector?”

Dr. Jeff Lustig BSc., D.C., C.C.R.D.

Thirty-Seven years of successfully treating and naturally eliminating (drug free treatments) the cause of Musculoskeletal Pains has certainly given me expertise and maybe I am even entitled to be called a Pain Relief Expert by now. How can a Chiropractors and Active Chiropractic and Wellness help reduce the Opioid Crisis?

Reduce or eliminate the Cause of Pain and the need for drugs.

Millions of Canadians have already gone to Chiropractors for treatment of Back Pain with or without Sciatica, Neck Pain and Headaches. Chiropractor’s are so famous for helping these conditions that many people do not even realize that are trained both in the Chiropractic College, Pre-Grad and often have Post Grad courses to also deal with the full array of Musculoskeletal (MSK) traumas, strain and pain. Rotator cuff tears and strain, knee pain and arthritis, hip issues, foot/ankle sprains and pain, carpel tunnel and hand problems are effective treated by the Chiropractic profession with the added benefit of eliminated the spinal component that contributes to the pain.

Active Chiropractic & Wellness Clinic is Uniquely Qualified for Pain Relief

As the Chiropractor here at Active Chiropractic and Wellness, I have obtained my Certified Chiropractic Rehabilitation (C.C.R.D.) designation expanding my expertise in physical treatment and rehabilitation of injuries, traumas including Motor Vehicle Accidents and postsurgical recovery.

This C.C.R.D. training included nutritional support for rehabilitation and recovery. We continue to offer nutritional solutions that support our patients’ goals to physically reduce the stress of excess weight, and provide the nutrients repair strains and reduce inflammation in their muscles and joints.

Lesley, my assistant, and I are Certified in Laser Therapy. After more than 12 years using three BioFlex Laser systems to provide thousands of treatments for a wide variety of MSK conditions, I am still amazed at how profoundly Laser Therapy speeds and improves the bodies healing capacity and improve patient outcomes and results.

Lower body pains, low back to the feet, can be caused or aggravated by poor foot mechanics. We do a thorough weight bearing, non-weightbearing, a static and dynamic scan to determine if and how Custom Foot Orthotics may effectively treat current conditions and prevent future problems in the feet, knees, hips and lower back. For example, if we are treating a lower back issue but not correcting the stress on the low back coming from the feet, the relief may not be as good or last as long as treating the underlying causes of the entire problem, the back and feet etc.

I am pleased to have as part of Active Chiropractic and Wellness team, Lisa Wardle RMT. Lisa has been a Registered Massage Therapist since 2014. In addition to practicing in our clinic she is a teacher in the Sir Sanford Fleming Massage Program. Lisa also teaches dance which gives her a great perspective on how to deal with Musculoskeletal issues effecting body movement.

In summary, our unique combination of all-natural pain fighting tools are: Chiropractic, Rehabilitation, Nutrition, Laser Therapy, Custom Foot Orthotics and Massage Therapy and decades of experience.

Ideally, we are going help patients with pain issues before Opioid addictions become a problem. We do treat patients with Opioid addictions for the pain the are still experiencing. We are not treating the addictions directly, that is the scope of other health practitioners. Our role in the Opioid Addiction problem is to reduce or eliminate the pain and issues that lead to the initial prescription of Opioids and in doing assist in person’s recovery process. If this makes sense to you, then who do you in pain that needs a chiropractic clinic that has the skills and tools to help were medication has failed.

Dr. Jeff Lustig – Clinic Director

Active Chiropractic & Wellness Centre 705 743-1661


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