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New Patients

Active Chiropractic & Wellness Centre offers you a warm, welcoming environment that puts you right at ease. Music is playing softly, and our friendly staff is waiting to greet you and make you feel comfortable. We’re always excited to see what we can do to ‘’wow” you!

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Chiropractic or Laser

Make an Appointment


Make an Appointment

DIRECT BILLING AVAILABLE FOR MOST PLANS. Saves you time and you will receive your reimbursement sooner.

Your First Visit

Our front desk team will give you some paperwork to fill out, then escort you to an examination room. You’ll meet Dr. Jeff and discuss any issues that are affecting your health, as well as what outcomes you’re seeking.

Then, we’ll do a comprehensive examination mainly focused on your spinal function and nervous system, as well as any problems in your extremities. The examination includes:

  • A posture evaluation
  • Insight™ Subluxation Station computerized scans
  • Muscle testing
  • Orthopedic tests
  • Range of motion testing
  • X-rays, if indicated (taken off-site)
  • Review of Current Diet and Exercise

After the examination, we may begin treatment immediately.

New Patient Paperwork

Your Second Visit

On your next appointment, Dr. Jeff will make his best recommendations about how we can help resolve your symptoms while stabilizing and correcting the cause of your condition. We’ll discuss your options with care to decide if you’d like to address your symptoms, or benefit from fixing the problems and maintaining excellent health. Your care involves a partnership, so we work with your goals.

Regular Visits

Your first visitWe pride ourselves on respecting your time and keep your visits efficient. On subsequent appointments, you’ll be greeted by our staff, then shown promptly to an adjusting room. You’ll receive warm, friendly care that thoroughly addresses your issues.

How you want to use chiropractic is always up to you. Just as we maintain our teeth with dental checkups or exercise throughout our lives, chiropractic can continue providing benefits for as long as you see Dr. Jeff. We’ll talk to you about the advantages of health maintenance and why so many of our patients see the value in making chiropractic part of their ongoing healthy lifestyle, but the decision to continue care beyond the relief of your initial symptoms is up to you.

You can park for free at our practice, and no-cost consultations are available. Book your time today!

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