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Custom Foot Orthotics

Custom Foot Orthotics at Active Chiropractic & Wellness Centre, With Over Three Decades of Dr. Jeff Lustig’s Experience

woman touching her feetLack of proper preventative care, ill-fitting or flimsy/poor support shoes, and decades of pounding on hard surfaces are responsible for the majority of foot and lower limb problems.

Children and Young Adults

During our younger years foot problems may manifest as painful plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendon issues. The first visible none painful sign of foot problems may be the start of bunions and hammer or claw toes (especially with wearing high heels) and flatten arches. Poor foot mechanics can reduce athletic performance even without pain. Runners, record the time and distance time all their training and competition runs, so this group of athletes can easily measure their performance improvement with new Custom Foot Orthotics working for them. Other early signs of benefit are less fatigue, joint and muscle soreness and shorter recovery times after sport or recreational activities.

woman running on a beach
person running on a dirt trail

Later Adulthood and Seniors

It’s important to understand your feet have a direct influence on the mechanics and therefore the wear and tear on the rest of your body while supporting and moving your entire body weight with each step. Osteoarthritis is common in aging joints, the result of stress and strains over years or decades.

Even a small abnormality in foot function can have an accumulative large impact on joints higher up in the body, eventual causing pain and discomfort over time. At this stage of life many of us have be living with decades of poor foot mechanics (motion) and alignment (static).

The joints involved with the hammer toes, claw toes and bunions may be developing arthritis and pain. At this stage the disabling pain is more likely to show in the knees, hips and low back. New patients to Active Chiropractic and Wellness present with these issues every week and most do not realize their feet may be both part of the cause and treating the feet could be a part of the solution. Patients that have Chiropractic benefits, usually have Custom Foot Orthotic benefits as well.

Why Choose Active Chiropractic for Your Foot, Knee Hip and Low Back Problems?

In our clinic, once we have evaluated and quantified the severity of your problem using a combination of computerized testing, orthopaedic tests, balance/coordination tests, strength tests, and mechanical evaluation tests we have unique combinations of treatments available to serve you, speed your recovery, and improve physical performance or simply your enjoyment of life.

When our feet, which are the foundation our human structure, are mechanically not functioning well or the alignment of the some of the 27 bones in each foot are “out”, the feet put torque and stress upwards into the knees, hips and low back. Combine decades of improper foot mechanics with injuries to the lower body often result in recurring bouts of pain and eventually degeneration occur. Proper care may delay or avoid surgical intervention or joint replacements.

Adjusting Skills: In this chiropractic clinic our training and expert adjusting skills are not limited to the spine only. Arms and legs often need this type of treatment whether the problem was a sport related injury or the accumulations of day to day living.

Custom Foot Orthotics: If yours is a mechanical foot issue we have over 3 decades of experience evaluating the need for Custom Foot Orthotics and providing them along with free follow up evaluation during the customary 3-year recommended life span of an Orthotic.

chart of the bones in a foot
Orthotic foot analysing system

Cold Laser Therapy: We are the only clinic in the area that has 3 Duo Array BioFlex Cold Laser therapy systems. With three systems we can provide the flexibility of treating 3 body parts at one time or scheduling up to 3 patients at once ensuring you get the care you need with least amount of down time for your activities. We have provided over 10,000 treatment in the past 15 years and I am still amazed at the results that incorporating laser treatments can have for many of the injuries and conditions we treat at Active Chiropractic & Wellness Centre.

person receiving a cold laser therapy treatment
cold laser therapy instrument
man with injured knee being examined by a doctor

At Active Chiropractic & Wellness Centre, we are specially trained to provide custom orthotic solutions. Remember, if you’re experiencing pain or discomfort in your ankles, knees or hip joints, the direct or at least contributing cause may be the function of your feet.

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