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Holiday Season Update

So many exciting things have happened in the clinic this past year that I have put together this Holiday Letter to you!  Everything we have added to the Clinic has been to further our mission to serve you better and help more people in our community.


After growing up in Toronto and practicing there for 6 years, Peterborough became my hometown 29 years ago and I’ve never looked back.  I made an excellent decision to move here to live, raise my family and practice in this great community!


Word-of-Mouth Referrals remain the best form of advertising and our Ambassador’s program has been a huge success!  The AMBASSADOR CLUB is designed to thank you for the New Patients that you kindly refer to us.  Earn Gift Certificates that cover your next exam (Progress / Comparative / Reactivation – Value $25-50) on us! Your enthusiastic recommendations transforms lives.  We thank all our 2017 Ambassador Club Members.


Early this year we annexed the space adjacent to the clinic to better reflect our Mission and provide a variety of practitioners and holistic services.   Active Chiropractic and Wellness Centre is the name for you to look for and recommend.  We have changed all our signs, logo and stationary.  See our redesigned website with our new web name


We are the only clinic in Peterborough to offer THREE Bioflex Laser Therapy systems! AND we are the only clinic to have the latest upgrades to improve results in shorter treatment times!  We are Peterborough’s most experienced and BEST CHOICE for Laser Therapy Services.


We hold Wed. evening health presentations about CHIROPRACTIC, LASER THERAPY & NUTRITION – Weight Loss, Energy, & Performance, – Pain Relief & Improved Daily Function.  Sign up now.


We have added a new treatment method to help patients of all ages and musculoskeletal conditions.  This is a computer chip assisted adjusting device that is great for infants through to very arthritic older adults.   This system is safe, effective and a gentle way to work on patients.  We are getting great results and feedback on the IQ Impulse Adjuster.


Many people have benefits that may cover the services I and our expanded team of practitioners provide.  Act now before your 2017 benefits flush!  And take advantage of your benefits in the coming year as well.

Team Photo

  Team Members (Left to Right) Katie Finley, Dr. Jeff Lustig, Deb Barrett, Maura Lustig & Janet Hogeboom


for more details about our growing list of New Practitioners Click Here. Our new practitioners bring a wide variety or services and expertise.  We now offer: Reflexology, Essential Oils, Energy Work, Stress Management, Self Care, Relaxation and Massage Therapy.


Turn your hibernation into a to rehabilitation.  Fix the underlying problem now and be active again next Spring! We relieve pain associated with arthritis in the back, knee or hip or recurrent tendon and muscle strains of your shoulder or arm. For over ten years we have seen amazing recoveries using the Bioflex Laser Therapy systems to treat the root cause of your pain so that you can get back to playing with kids, grandkids, gardening or improving your golf swing. Rehabilitate now, before the problems flare and need even more care.  We can help!  705 743-1661

DEB BARRETT- Why Experience Reflexology?

It’s a healing art, with roots going back to ancient Egypt and China.   By applying pressure to the reflex points in the feet, tension is released, circulation is improved.  The reflex effects can stimulate the glands and organs, similar to Acupuncture treatments, assisting the body in regaining its state of harmony and balance.  Another benefit of Reflexology is how it aids the body’s release of impurities by stimulating the lymphatics, similar to Massage Therapy.  Deb’s clients love Reflexology: “It relaxes my mind and body and makes me feel like I am walking on a cloud“.

Contact me to experience feeling decadently pamper while improving function and relieving stress.   705-875-7717

MAURA LUSTIG - Holiday Survival & New Year Revival:

For many people the holiday season can be stressful and overwhelming.  The days are short and cold, the pressure is on to socialize and spend money.  Typically, it is a time when people also gain weight, feel sad, and worry more.  What if you could have more energy, achieve and maintain your ideal weight, build muscle, have more mental clarity and feel happier in 2018 than you have in years?  Join the thousands of people who have found a convenient, delicious, affordable and sustainable nutritional system backed by science that works and is recommended by doctors! Call me for information. Warmly, Maura 705-761-3256.

JANET HOGEBOOM - What Time of Year is a Good Time to Give and Invest in Yourself?

NOW is the time!   We all strive for a better quality of life, less pain, stress and fewer negative circumstances. Learning management techniques, strategies to let go of past issues and compassionate self- care that works, will help you live a better quality of life emotionally and physically for years to come. To learn more about how to do this, as well as age with dignity, please contact Janet Hogeboom. Give to yourself. 705-875-8856. 


From our Health Care Family to you and your family,

have a wonderful holiday season.

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